The Wife Behind the Life

Welcome to my blog!! Hope you enjoy reading this blog! This blog is just a way for me to share my thoughts and helpful tips on everything in life: love, marriage, cooking, DIY crafts, businesses and so much more!!

A little about me: I’m in my 30’s and newly married to the most wonderful husband a wife could ever pray for! We’re approaching our second year of marriage and just recently moved into our first home together.

A few of my interests include jewelry design. I am in the process of starting¬†an online boutique: TNBBoutique where I sell wrap bracelets. Right now I sell them on the go through paypal and I take custom orders. I will be adding a page to show case the bracelets. I also enjoy cooking. I love finding recipes on Pinterest to try or other blogs. when I’m not doing that, I’m creating my own.¬†You can see the recipes I try on the recipes page and print them out or download them for yourself. I also love to shop and find the next big trend! Each week I try to find the next up and coming trend and do a blog post on it to help spread the word! It can be a tv show, a clothing/accessory trend, a new fragrance, a person, etc.

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The Brimmer Wife


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