Loss # 2

So again, I truly apologize regarding my lack of posts on this blog. For all my constant readers, THANKYOU for hanging in there with me. Between losing my grandfather last month up through til today, my family and I suffered a loss. I was hoping to start a Brimmer Mommyhood section on the blog, but yesterday after suffering some uncharacteristic bleeding, my husband and I (on the advice of our doctors) decided to start the process of a medically induced miscarriage. It is a process that I can say is not easy to endure, but I can also say it is safe. My suggestion for anyone who is ever forced into this situation in life, should you choose this method, have your partner (or someone you trust) help you. I know this is not the most upbeat post, but I wanted anyone who happens upon this post to know that they’re not alone. Things like this happen to lots of people. I never thought I’d be one of them, but I’m glad that God put this experience in my life book because now I can use it to uplift others and be a form of support. I know that our time will come again and my Brimmer Mommyhood section will one day be a reality with fun amazing tips and updates to share on our pregnancy. Until then, Thankyou again for continuing to support my blog!


The BrimmerWife 


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