Curry Chicken & Vegetable Soup


So last weekend in my cooking and baking weekend, I got the idea to start using my crockpot again. I forgot to post this recipe, but OMG it came out sooo good! Basically it was an experiment based on “Let’s take all the things that are starting to get freezer burn and throw them in the crockpot with some spices and rice” So  I did that and 4 hours later (on high) came THIS:


So originally, this was straight vegetables and rice and I put curry powder, black pepper, salt, garlic powder, parsley, basil and onion powder and let it cook for 4 hours on high. The vegetables I used (feel free to use whatever you have) were potatoes, carrots, kale and asparagus and squash (all canned) so at first it came out NOT like above, so Hubby and I ate it and he said “You know, maybe some chicken next time you make it” so I said OK and froze the leftovers. So of course, the next weekend, I added some chicken and I also wanted a gravy type texture to get it more soup/stew like. I took a little bit of flour and water, added some curry and made a gravy to pour into the crock pot. That is what you now see before you. Yummy, yummy curry goodness! Contemplating using up the turkey next time I reheat it! Feel free to share your photos if you try this idea! Happy cooking!



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