Toni Braxton Movie

I finally watched the Toni Braxton movie this past weekend “UnBreak My Heart” I have always loved Toni Braxton since she first debuted in the 90’s. I was 10 years old when her first single came out. I bought her memoir when it came out and I will admit, I never really read it. I read it on and off. After watching “UnBreak My Heart” I started the book back up again and I cannot stop reading it and I now have transferred every Toni Braxton album I own into my iTunes library! If you haven’t seen the movie and you are a Braxton fan in general, it is a MUST watch!

Watching that movie and not only seeing how she skyrocketed to fame, but how she handled her diagnosis of Lupus, just inspired me. For myself, having Cerebral Palsy, Toni Braxton made me realize that disabilities and illnesses don’t have to be frumpy, if you were sexy and glam before, you can still be glam and sexy after. In other words, don’t let it change who you are! I love Toni Braxton for that!


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