Caitlyn Jenner & MAC, Leo & The Oscars, Plus More!!

Readers! Today’s post is going to be about a couple of things. One is..This: Caitlyn Jenner being the new face of MAC! YES! I whole heartedly agree with this decision and I support it. #PraiseMac For people to say that it is WRONG or be negative about it in anyway, in my opinion, shame on […]

Fuller House

So Hubby and  I just finished Fuller House! Amazing! Loved all of the references to Full House. It was amazing and I hope they do a season 2!!! The cast works together so well and I love everything about the show.  I can’t wait to see how the show evolves and hope it lasts as […]

Kendall& Kylie

THIS GAME!! Everyone knows I LOVE any and everything Kardashian/Jenner, so when I discovered this game, I immediately got it. It is similar to KKHollywood, but it’s so much fun! Love the videos and the instagram posts..I love it! Kongrats to Kylie & Kendall! Now we just need Caitlyn to get a game or an […]

Kristinia DeBarge

So..THIS Ever since watching her on Growing Up Hip Hop, I’ve been hoping that she found a label and dropped an album. I love the DeBarge Family (especially Chico) and YAY! Now I finally got this album! The whole album is amazing and I can’t wait to play it at work (on low) to get […]

Foundation Match!!!!

READERS! It happened! I have found my MATCH! YAAAAS! Thankyou L’Oreal for giving me LIFE! This is my new foundation (mineral) Classic Tan. Love! So then, I went and got a powder in C6 Soft  Sable: and matching concealer: So here is the finished face with Bronze Coin Lipstick (#835) Life! #ThankyouL’Oreal Xoxo The BrimmerWife […]