Ok so now that you’ve all seen what I look like, I have to tell you/ask: Why is it so hard for me to find a foundation that matches me??? I have never been able to find a true match! I’ve tried Bare Minerals, I’ve tried Mary Kay (used to sell it) and most recently I’ve tried the Almay smartshade. I can’t freaking get a match! What can I do? Do I literally have to mix shades? This is so frustrating for me..the older I get the more I notice that my face just screams 32 (my real age) instead of 19(People tell me I look about 19 to mid 20’s-ish) I would LOVE just ONE TIME to have that smooth, flawless look instead of everything but foundation. So crazy. If anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE SHARE! Co-worker of mine suggested Sephora. Has anyone tried to get matched there? Was it a good experience? Did they get it right? Let me know!

Moving ON: What’s everyone doing for SuperBowl? Who’s everyone rooting for? Since the Packers didn’t make it in this year, Hubby and I are rooting for the Panthers!!!


Go Panthers! Hope everyone enjoys the SuperBowl!!!!



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You guys seriously keep me going with all your positive comments and support. I cherish you all!


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