Mary Kay Hair Hack

So..I straightened my hair almost 2 weeks ago. No hair grease, no nothing except olive oil mousse. I don’t have a perm and can’t perm my hair because my lack of hair care and going to a salon (it’s been 6 years) resulted in my signature pulled back curly high ponytail. It damaged my hair and broke it off and caused a ton of split ends. I used to sell Mary Kay about 11 years ago. I stopped because I wasn’t making the money like I thought I would and plus the parties were really hard to book. I actually still have some of my product. A REALLY good one is this one


Mary Kay Emollient Night Cream. Not only does it soften your hands (use with the Satin Hands Scrub for the softest hands) but, I experimented and used it in my hair. I have to say, it really works. It’s like a soft pomade texture and it leaves my hair really soft. I haven’t used it with a flat iron yet, but I’m going to try. Don’t use a lot and don’t use it every day. Make sure you brush it through thoroughly. It works best if you squeeze a little in your hands, rub it together and then apply to your hair. I usually do my roots, edges and ends and brush through. It also comes in peach scent, and I think pineapple, but those are limited edition and as far as I know, only sold with the hand scrub as a Satin Hands set. Only the original is sold separately. I would not recommend this for all hair types. My hair is mixed grade hair (Thanks to my swiss and black genes) so if your hair is similar or if you have thicker hair, this will work. People with fine or thin hair (like my husband, who just so happens to be white 🙂 ) should not do this because it will leave your hair feeling very greasy.

So, go call your nearest Mary Kay Consultant and get that Emollient Night Cream!

Tell me how it works out!


The BrimmerWife



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