Pregnancy update 

Ok so most of you know that I work. So..I’m working, going to like a million doctors..and I’m trying not to interrupt things and make my appts as late in the day as possible. I have asthma, diabetes and a whole list of medical issues but the diabetes and asthma are the issues that will affect the baby the I have a lot of appts. My boss tells me yesterday..without directly saying the words that my pregnancy is a problem. Like…why is me growing a human a problem?! Is it because you can’t get coverage? That’s NOT MY PROBLEM! My FIRST priority is THE HEALTH of our UNBORN CHILD. Like…wtf? You have 2 kids of your own I’m sure you didn’t give a fuck about anything else when you were carrying let me take care of what I need to do! Cause if you make me lose this baby or if anything happens to my child due to the stress that you are putting on me…I’m coming after you.


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