18 weeks

I’m 18 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I am starting to get so hungry. I’m more irritable, work is stressing me out. I’m happy that we’re expecting, but I just don’t feel like everyone understands the situation. My family is wonderful about it, but my job is just a bunch of assholes. My boss wants to be my friend and therapist one day and then chastise me the next. I feel like work is a big problem. The amount of responsibility that is still expected of me…my job may be a sit down job, but it’s not a stress free job. Stress is the worst thing in a pregnancy. I’m already stressed out about how the pregnancy will play out, so now to add the stress of helping my boss run the office and cover her ass, it’s too much. I’ve been venting a lot and this is not what I expected this to be like…😔


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