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Alexandra Wagner Skin Care is AMAZING! I’ve only used it two times, but the effect it has on my skin is wonderful! I met Alexandra through instagram. She followed me and I checked out her line. I wanted to start my blog up again, so I asked if I could write a post about her products, and she sent me samples. TWICE! She is so amazing. Though we haven’t really spoken in depth, I can tell that she is a very generous and caring person who loves and takes pride in what she does.

I would recommend this set to anyone who asks. She is based in Los Angeles, and if I ever get the chance to get back out to California, I will definitely go see her.

I love the smell of the products and the fact that they are all natural! The foaming cleanser is easy to use and comes off in one rinse. The exfoliant definitely gets rid of all my impurities without being too harsh on the skin. The serum is the best part! It leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft.

To learn more about the products or shop the line, you can head here:

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OMG! All these sites and apps we found for couponing! Since becoming a Mom, I’ve of course been trying to save money. My husband and I found 5 couponing apps. 1 of which will give you cash back. The 5 apps/sites are:

We’ve also been using the Walmart Savings Catcher feature on the Walmart app. It’s pretty cool because they give you a card that you can link to it. It’s call Bluebird and it’s through Amex. What I love is that Bluebird is now able to be an online bank. So you can add funds other than your Walmart savings and also open accounts through bluebird. It’s great if you want to have a separate account for fun money without the hassle. We use the Walmart account and Checkout51

Here’s the link!

Let me know what you think!!

My new shop

Hi all! So being pregnant and helping my sister plan her wedding has given me a ton of inspiration! I recently ( as in 2 days ago) bought a planner from the exclusive Michaels line called recollections. Recollections is known for their photo album and scrap booking goodies, but when I saw on Facebook that they had planners, I became obsessed! So, I have also opened an Etsy store called EccensoriesBoutique which features some of my unique bracelets and jewelry. My next idea is to make printables for the recollections planner or anyone who has a planner in general! I didn’t realize how many people there are who LIVE AND LOVE PLANNING!! It is an amazing thing. Stay tuned!